The climate action goals below are drawn from the Town of Canmore’s Climate Action Plan and Environmental Sustainability Action Plan. However, the tips for reducing your carbon footprint are relevant for anyone, no matter where you live!




The Town of Canmore seeks to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions from all sources by 30% below 2015 levels by 2030, and by 80% by 2050.



By 2030, the Town of Canmore aims to divert 60% of our community's organic waste from the landfill, reduce solid waste by 40% per capita, reduce construction waste by 50% and reduce commercial/institutional waste by 30%.



By 2030, the Town of Canmore aims to reduce vehicle kilometers traveled by 30% below 2015 levels. We hope that at least forty percent of trips within the community will use sustainable modes (public transit, car-share, biking, or walking).

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By 2035, the Town of Canmore seeks to reduce residential water consumption by 50% per capita below 2000 levels.


Thanks to Christopher Vincent, Jim Ridley, Christian Dubois, Charlie Bredo and the Town of Canmore for their help in preparing these materials.