Small-scale, community-owned renewable energy projects allow communities to generate their own electricity and sell it to the grid.

Because they are owned and managed by local citizens, community renewable energy projects change not just how electricity is generated, but also how it is controlled.

The Biosphere Institute is investigating options for a small-scale, community-owned solar energy generation project in or near Canmore. We are focusing on rooftop solar energy because it won’t increase Canmore’s development footprint.


Feasibility study

In the spring and summer of 2019, the Biosphere Institute and KCP Energy will identify and assess specific residential, commercial, and industrial rooftops that are suitable for solar panel installation in Canmore. We will estimate the number of panels possible per roof, and determine how the panels will connect to Alberta’s electricity grid.

We will simultaneously reach out to homeowners and building owners to understand their interest in renting out their rooftops for solar panel installation.

If we can identify enough rooftops that are viable for solar panels, and enough property owners who are willing to rent out their roofs, we will then explore community-based mechanisms to finance solar installation. We hope to create an Opportunity Development Co-operative, which will be owned by community members who invest in the solar generation project and share its profits.

This project aims make solar energy more accessible to all who live in Canmore regardless of their financial capacity, house ownership or property location.



We are presently in the feasibility stage of this project and will not be looking for additional homeowners to rent out their rooftops at this stage. Are you still interested in learning more about the project or participating in Canmore Community Solar as a co-operative member? Please provide us with some additional information and we will be in touch after the feasibility stage has been completed.

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Please include your address if you are interested in renting out your rooftop for a solar panel installation. While we will not be looking for additional homeowners to rent out their rooftops at this stage, we will record your information should the opportunity arise to assess more rooftops.