Learn more about the issues the Biosphere Institute is dedicated to addressing and read about what we’ve been up to in these featured articles from local, provincial, and national news outlets.


Bigger Fines for Attracting Bears in Canmore

The Town of Canmore raised fines for homeowners with ripe fruit on trees and bushes on their properties. Nick de Ruyter spoke about the importance of managing attractants as the Grizzly Paw Brewery commenced removal of crabapple trees.

CTV News Calgary | 6 September 2019



The Canmore Community Solar project continued to gain momentum through extensive community engagement of homeowners in Canmore neighbourhoods with the highest solar potential.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 20 June 2019


students share knowledge as part of bear sharing day

On June 11 students from Exshaw School and Lawrence Grassi Middle School came together for a cross-cultural bear sharing day to learn and teach about the ways of the bear.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 13 June 2019


Canmore Community Solar

Jodi spoke with Rob Murray about how Bow Valley residents can get involved in the Canmore Community Solar project, from renting out their rooftops to serving as a board member.

Mountain FM | 27 May 2019



WildSmart program director Nick de Ruyter joined Global News Morning Calgary to discuss Bear Day and bear safety tips, as bears emerge from their winter dens.

Global News Morning Calgary | 12 April 2019


how to incorporate wildsmart principles this spring

Spring in the Bow Valley signals the emergence of hungry bears from their dens. Learn about what you should keep in mind this spring as you prepare your backyard and deck for the summer season to avoid attracting wildlife.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 11 April 2019


seasonal road closure helps wildlife

A new study published by Parks Canada shows that temporal closures that limit human activity - such as the annual closure on the Bow Valley Parkway - can be used to restore habitat quality and improve wildlife connectivity.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 19 March 2019


banff Highway wildlife mitigation inspires global initiatives

The February WildSmart Speaker Series hosted Wildlife and Research Scientist Dr. Tony Clevenger. Tony’s presentation addressed how Banff crossing structures are being adopted as a model for wildlife conservation around the world, in countries including Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 21 February 2019


canmore shines in solar energy report

The Town of Canmore lays out its plans to expand solar installations on municipal buildings, with a projected 1145 additional solar panels in coming years. The municipal government is hoping to involve residents in the expansion to capture some of the large portion of the town (75%) which is zoned for residential development.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 7 February 2019


action on wildlife coexistence won’t be easy

An editorial from the Rocky Mountain Outlook outlining a few of the challenges to addressing the human-wildlife coexistence issue in the Bow Valley.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 3 January 2019


canmore council approves plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Town of Canmore unanimously approves a climate action plan which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent below 2015 by 2050. As part of this plan, the Town is working with the Biosphere Institute on energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Crag and Canyon | 17 December 2018


the rules we make that coyotes break

WildSmart Program Director Nick de Ruyter speaks with Mountain FM about role of human behaviour in wildlife conservation and the upcoming speaker series presentation “The Rules We Make that Coyotes Break: Understanding Human Experience of Wildlife Co-Existence.”

Mountain FM | 3 December 2018


nakoda elementary students get hands on about bison

Staff from the Biosphere Institute share the Bison EduKit with Nakoda Elementary School and Morley Community School students. The presentations incorporate teachings about the biological, ecological, cultural and spiritual importance of bison in the local landscape.

Rocky Mountain Outlook | 15 November 2018