Careers. The Biosphere Institute is seeking an experienced Environmental Education Specialist who will:

  1. Lead development and implementation of Youth Conservation Partnerships, a new initiative focused on empowering grade 10-12 students in the Bow Valley to design and implement meaningful conservation projects in their communities; and

  2. Guide and supervise efforts to weave Indigenous perspectives into our K-9 wildlife and climate change education programs.

The application deadline for this position is October 15, 2019 and the anticipated start date is on or before November 15, 2019.

Volunteering. The Biosphere Institute does our best to provide volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in advancing conservation in the Bow Valley. We are somewhat limited by our staff capacity to manage volunteers, and therefore we are regretfully not always able to accommodate all expressions of interest.

We do offer several specific volunteer opportunities that are linked to ongoing projects. These include the Wildlife Ambassador program, which typically recruits new volunteers in January, and attractant management initiatives such as apple-picking and buffaloberry removal. We will post these specific volunteer opportunities on this page as they are available.

We can also keep you informed of upcoming volunteer opportunities via our Volunteer Mailing List. Please use the form below to sign up and thank you for your interest!

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