The Shift program empowers Bow Valley residents and businesses to take action on climate change by reducing their energy emissions, waste production, and water use.

The Bow Valley is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Smoke from forest fires has filled our skies in recent summers, with Calgary recording a record number of smoky hours in 2017, then promptly breaking that record in 2018. Climate models predict the average annual temperature in the Bow Valley will increase by 1.9°C in the next 30 years. And by that time, rain will make up more winter precipitation than snow.

Our electricity consumption, modes of transportation, waste generation, and water use are all part of the climate equation. For example, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that food waste alone generates about 8% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions!

Around the world, communities and provinces are becoming leaders in combating climate change. Shift promotes local action. The Biosphere Institute organizes community-based projects and participatory public workshops on topics such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, alternative transportation, and composting. We also produce a monthly newsletter with tips to reduce your carbon footprint. Shift publishes a number of other printed and online resources for businesses and residents describing energy, waste, and water facts, our local context, and how to take action.

The Town of Canmore is a major partner in Shift.

Canmore Community Solar

In partnership with KCP Energy and the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association, the Biosphere Institute is assessing the feasibility of creating a community-owned solar installation in Canmore.

Energy Efficiency Education

Did you know that over 50% of Canmore’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy use in homes and buildings? We are helping community members access information about practical measures to conserve energy, in a way that directly meets their needs and interests.



The Biosphere Institute organizes interactive workshops that bring together municipal and provincial government representatives, industry experts and diverse community members. Past workshop participants have learned the process for installing rooftop solar panels, painted and set up rain barrels, and made indoor worm composters.



Our monthly newsletter offers tips for reducing your personal contribution to climate change. It also features local events and positive news stories, and it highlights upcoming programs that the Biosphere Institute and our partners are hosting. 

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Shift resources provide practical guidance about simple and more ambitious actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Our resources include how-to information, such as instructions for making your own green cleaner, and details about the Town of Canmore’s goals related to climate change and environmental sustainability.