Since 1999, the Biosphere Institute has monitored trends in the Town of Canmore’s demographics, economy, social fabric, and environmental sustainability. We publish the results bi-annually in the Canmore Community Monitoring Report.

The Canmore Community Monitoring Report helps guide municipal decision-making, facilitates early detection of risks to community health, and tracks Canmore’s progress towards its vision.

The Report grew out of the recommendations of Canmore’s 1995 Growth Management Strategy, which advised ongoing environmental monitoring, and the 1999 Thresholds and Monitoring Report, which established a suite of community indicators and baseline data. In 2003, the Canmore Community Monitoring Program Committee expanded to include over 30 experts from government agencies, community groups, and academic institutions. These individuals provide invaluable insights, helping to analyze data and interpret community trends and conditions.

The most recent edition of the Canmore Community Monitoring Report was published in 2016, and the next Report will come out at the end of 2019.