The Biosphere Institute’s Bear, Bison, Cougar, Elk and Wolf EduKits increase the ecological literacy of students and citizens in the Bow Valley.

These travelling trunks contain pelts, fur swatches, skulls, scat replicas, and books relevant to animals and their place in the ecosystem and Indigenous and settler cultures. They also include digital media and a PowerPoint presentation that can be used in classroom delivery.

EduKits provide updates on conservation initiatives for focal species, and build students’ awareness of the needs of wildlife and how humans can help ensure wildlife are able to meet those needs. EduKits also foster an understanding of the spiritual and cultural significance of Bow Valley wildlife species to local First Nations cultures.


EduKits are typically delivered by Biosphere Institute staff or teachers. Starting in the 2019/20 school year, our Wildlife Ambassadors will also help to deliver EduKit presentations to classes in the Bow Valley.

Following EduKit presentations, students often create artwork or write stories about the focal species.

The Biosphere Institute team is currently developing conservation action projects that students and their teachers can undertake after they learn about EduKit species in the classroom. These projects may include activities like monitoring elk on school fields or inventorying garbage containers to ensure they are wildlife-proof.

Contact us for more information about EduKits, or to book a program for your classroom.