Though rarely seen, cougars, wolves, and coyotes are residents in the Bow Valley. Avoidance strategies for these species are the similar to those for avoiding other wildlife encounters. In addition:

  1. Keep close watch over your children: Cougars and coyotes can be attracted to children, due to their small size and erratic movement patterns. Keep watch over your children, especially during dusk and dawn, when cougars are most active.

  2. Be alert for signs of cougar activity: Leave the area if you see or smell a dead animal. Cougars usually cover their kills with forest debris.


  • Pick up small children immediately. Stand your ground, but never jump toward the animal. Do not run.

  • Do not turn your back on the animal. Maintain eye contact.

  • Always leave room for the animal to escape.

  • Never run. Doing so may trigger an attack, as the animal may instinctively chase you.

  • Make yourself appear as large as possible, and back away slowly.


  • Act aggressively if you are approached by a cougar, wolf or coyote. Stomp your feet, yell, throw something or use bear spray. By acting aggressively, you reduce risk to yourself by showing the animal you are not easy prey. You also help prevent the animal from getting too accustomed to people.